Saturday, April 23, 2016

Veterinary podcasts

What are long weekends for, if not making new friends at the beach?

Hello, long weekend. For many it means long walks on the beach with their loved ones, or catching up with friends at the movies, or just mooching around with their non-human animal companions. For just about everyone in my social circle, it means weekend shifts or study, or a combo of the two.

With so much info to keep up with, one has to get a bit creative with one’s methods of study to ensure that time spend studying is as efficient as possible. Right now I am benefiting from a bunch of awesome podcasts, available absolutely free.

My personal favourites at the moment are:
  • Vet ECC small talk – features podcasts on canine and feline veterinary emergency and critical care with a primary care/non-referral focus. This is the brainchild of Shailen Jasani, a small animal veterinary ECC specialist. He’s just posted a great podcast about antimicrobial stewardship which includes a helpful review on bacteriology. Check it out here.
  • Vet Talk TV – features podcasts and videos on a range of topics including referral medicine and surgery, with some great case studies. There’s a great talk by Dr Amy Lane on “what islymphoma anyway”
  • Knowing Animals -features podcasts, usually based on interviews conducted by Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan. This has an animal welfare/animal studies focus and includes interviews with people like Peter Singer and Bidda Jones. 

If you’re studying a particular topic, there are podcasts available on just about anything so with a bit of searching you can usually find something decent.