Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fear free resources and therapy animals in aged care

We relocated interstate this week to teach and study, and found ourselves staying with this charming gent.
This week involved a bit of travel, and an unexpected opportunity to stay with a friend. One of the highlights of hanging out with other vet friends is meeting their companions, one of whom is pictured here. D is a sphynx and a very friendly one at that. Within 30 seconds of meeting he had politely directed me to the cat food then proceeded to go through my bags. I drew the line when he tried to jump in the shower (he has a weekly bath so doesn't mind getting wet). 

SAT reader Nell shared a very useful post which I am going to reshare here: Companion Animal Psychology have put together a great resource on fear free handling at the vet. View it here and follow the links.

He followed me everywhere!!!
In other news, Gosling Creek Aged Care facility in Orange has announced it will build a small farm and garden for its residents. The farm will be home to pet therapy animals including a miniature horse, chickens, goats and insect hotels. It would be nice to see more facilities using this model.