Friday, January 29, 2016

Losing a cat: Tara's story

Have you ever loved and lost a cat? 

Blogger and friend VegeTARAian recently lost her eleven-year-old cat, Krumpet, to cancer. This weekend she shared a personal post about the impact of the diagnosis, and making difficult decisions in the face of unexpected clinical findings, here.

This is very sad, but well worth a read as it shows again just how strong the human-animal bond can be, how very real our grief over non-human companions is, and also how important it is for veterinarians and nurses to provide compassionate end-of-life care.

We know it was very hard, but we’re grateful to Tara for sharing this experience and hope it might help others. We’re thinking of you, Tara.

On another note, US CPD provider Vet Girl On the Run is hosting a 1 hour webinar on minimising anaesthetic complications on February 4 (it’s on Feb 3 in the US). Dr Tamara Grubb will discuss anaesthesia of the critically ill patient, prevention of aspiration pneumonia and oesophagitis, uncontrolled pain, and appropriate use of monitoring devices for one hour. The webinar is free as it is sponsored (Zoetis). To register click here.