Saturday, December 12, 2015

Festive hazards for cats and dogs, and identifying types of errors

Hero. The reason I'm not decorating with tinsel, Christmas lights or dangly baubles this year. He looks very calm and sleepy here - don't be fooled. 

If you’re putting up a Christmas tree, consider potential hazards to the feline members of your household. The appearance of a tree, covered in lights, baubles and dangly bits, is understandably tempting to curious cats.
International Cat Care has prepared a check-list of festive hazards for the cat owner, including festive foreign bodies (having surgically removed tinsel from a number of cats I can attest this is a real issue), thatyou might want to read or pass on to the cat owners in your life.

On the canine front I was interviewed by Benjamen Judd from ninemsn Pickle this week about Christmas hazards for dogs.

Finally, on the topic of errors, most professionals are taught how to manage errors – but did you know that not all errors are equal. Identifying types of errors is key in preventing further errors. This great post from mindshift explains some types of error.