Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pearls of wisdom for new and recent grads

The Vet Coach 8th edition cover - spot any familiar faces?

Perhaps I have a puzzled resting face, but ever since I decided to study veterinary science I’ve been blessed with people leaning in and offering me their wisdom when I need it most. Mentors, not that they would have identified themselves as such, have appeared and imparted pearls of wisdom, many of which have been useful, before disappearing again or moving on to share that wisdom elsewhere. Occasionally I’ve pursued them, calling an experienced vet or specialist when I’ve not been sure how to proceed, or needed technical assistance, or just support.

So it is with great enthusiasm that I participated in The Vet Coach Project. This book is a compilation of tips and advice from vets. Coordinated by veterinarian Richard Nap, Vet Coach is a worldwide not-for-profit that aims to share these tips with new and recent graduates. The Australian edition will be available in March 2016. As a vet who can no longer claim to be a new or even recent graduate (apparently one loses that youthful sounding title when one has been three years out of uni) I am still very interested in reading the content and almost certain that I will learn something.

If you want to find out what the Vet Coach project is about, check it out here. You can also order previous editions. If you want to keep posted on where the Aussie version is at, follow the Vet Coach Project on facebook. All the contributors are volunteers. It is interesting trying to create an inventory and distill those most crucial pieces of advice that either people have given you, or that you have learned (often not easily) through experience.