Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bear hugging for a cause, scientifically validated cat music and that dog wedding video

This week I had the opportunity to interview Dave Morgan, Executive Director of Wild Welfare. Dave’s job is to work with substandard zoos to improve captive animal welfare. It’s a very tough job, a very important cause and an organisation engaged in projects that make a real difference to animals. They’re involved in the Hugs4Bears social media campaign. To get involved, make a donation here then post your photo (hugging anyone really) with the hashtag #ihugbears 

David Teie, the inventor of “species specific music” (or at very least the human discoverer of) is undertaking in interesting crowdsurfing campaign so he can develop a CD for cats. The feline specific music features some heavy purring, as well as other sounds which are scientifically validated as pleasing to cats. He is a composer, obviously a cat lover, and was once the lead cellist for Metallica. Today is the last day you can pledge to support the kickstarter campaign, and pre-order a CD.

Finally, a refreshing take on wedding videos.

This couple engaged their dog as their wedding videographer, and took footage from their dog’s point of view.