Monday, October 26, 2015

Tips for exams and feline news from the web

This happened in my study on Saturday night. I could see Hero lining up a jump onto my desk, and I picked up the camera just as he took off. Unfortunately he then knocked all of my carefully organised notes onto the floor. It was worth it to capture this moment of him hovering.

Its exam time for veterinary students. In the spirit of sharing, here is our post of top tips.

If you aren’t studying you might want to peruse this post about unique designer furniture for felines, courtesy of SAT reader Ljudmila.

On the feline theme, it’s a relief that this New Zealandtabby was reunited with her kittens when she "broke into" the Mill Road Vet Clinic they were dumped at. For updates on the saga - which looks like it will have a happy ending - check their facebook page here.