Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hug your dogs every day

Phil cuddle
According to Phil, its Hug Your Hound Day every day.  Everytime I turn around he manages to be in someone's arms sneaking a smooch.
Apparently I forgot to observe the 2015 International HugYour Hound Day.

It seems there are more themed days of the year than there are days – although this is a worthy one. (It is also worth noting here that - like people - not every single dog enjoys being hugged, so its not a day to observe if you live with one of these).

The worst thing about dogs is our tendency to outlive them. On this note we have some sad news but a beautiful tribute to Peanut, from one of our favourite cartoonists, First Dog on the Moon.

Peanut, the beloved middle-sized whippet cross, was euthanased due to terminal cancer.

First Dog broke the news of the diagnosis on June 24, which you can read here.

Four months later, it was time to say goodbye. This is one of the most lovely accounts of the life of a dog. The sudden cold nose on the back of the knee. With simple words and pictures, First Dog sums up our bond with canines here.

It’s a moving reminder that they’re not with us forever, but a celebration of a life loved fully.