Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Learn for charity, free aquatic veterinary webinars and more on the embattled cassowary

Dr Graeme Allan is one author (along with Dr Larry Vogelnest) of Radiology of Australian Mammals
This morning began with a hit of adrenalin thanks to an early-hours auction. Vet CPD provider Vetprac is ambitiously seeking to raise $50,000 to assist animals in Nepal following the devastating Nepalese earthquakes. But the approach is a bit different. A bunch of leading specialists have donated their time so that successful bidders (or people who are gifted the prize) win the opportunity to spend a day or two with a specialist.

This is like continuing education gold. Imagine being one on one with a luminary in their field, getting to ask them all of those burning questions and seeing how they negotiate tricky problems – AND the money goes to a very good cause.
I was keen to spend some time with an imaging specialist to learn a bit more about diagnostic ultrasound and advanced imaging, so I placed a bid, only to be outbid. Being not a seasoned ebayer, I was kind of mortified.

This is the sort of cool, tangible stuff that most people buy on ebay.
Acting on the principle that the early bird gets the worm, knowing the auction closed at 6.29am this morning, I jumped in at 6.15 and put in another bid. Their max bid exceeded mine! (Clearly they know a thing or two about ebay).
It got very intense (although I am pretty sure my rival was sleeping soundly whilst I was bidding fervently). At 6.28am am when I put in my final bid and scored. Thence followed much whooping and leaping around the room (which Phil sept through soundly).

The good news is there are plenty of options still open. If you want to spend some time with someone awesome, and do some good at the same time, check out the list. And Dr Graeme Allan, I am looking forward to following you around (in a non-creepy way of course).

In other news, the Fish Vet Dr Richmond Loh has provided a link to the World Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Association’s webinar recordings. This is an incredible resource. The webinars cover a range of topics including:

  • Introduction to aquatic veterinary medicine
  • Diseases of Australian Farmed saltwater crocodiles (we can vouch that was a good one)
  • Veterinary solutions to seasonal health problems in koi ponds
  • Water quality 101 for practising veterinarians
  • Sea snake medicine and diseases
  • Tranquilisation, anaesthesia and euthanasia in pet fish
  • Diseases of dolphins

These talks are interesting even if you’ve never treated a dolphin or sea snake in your life.

To access the webinars and see the full list of topics, follow this link.

Following our post on Monday we were contacted by Mission Beach Cassowaries and alerted that September 26 is World Cassowary Day. The Cassowary has been dubbed Queensland's Forest Gardener. They may be cranky, occasionally aggro gardeners but they're worthy inhabitants of the planet, and for complicated political reasons things just got a whole lot worse for them. To find out how you can lend your support click here.