Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catnip beer, and other things to make with catnip

Catnip. Apparently not just for cats.

Have you ever tried catnip? Not your cat, but you? Apparently you can. This afternoon, brewer Young Henry’s is launching a Peppermint Catnip Porter at the Quarryman’s Hotel in Pyrmont in order to raise some funds for the Cat Protection Society. The Quarryman’s has a resident cat, Hopsy, in whose honour this brew has been created.

If you’re not in Sydney, or you don’t drink alcohol, you can still have a catnip tea (this is for humans, NOT for cats).

There are plenty of recipes online, like this oneSome people even advocate tossing some in a salad.

Have you ever tried catnip? What’s your recipe? I’m keen to try some but every time I bring cat nip into the house the resident felines rapidly trash it – so there are often no leaves around.

SAT Reader sent in this cute video that might resonate with any researchers out there. Ever been caught in a bad project? It can be worse than a bad romance… I love the Gaga-esque dress made out of blueys.

This weekend I’m off to the Law Society of New SouthWales Animal Law conference to learn more about animal law in Australia. The event is sold out and it’s not just young lawyers attending.

Last night I attended a dog’s birthday party. The birthday girl turned 15, but has recently been diagnosed with second degree heart block and renal insufficiency. She’s not a good candidate for a pacemaker, so her time on this earth is limited, but she’s enjoying excellent quality of life thanks to a very dedicated owner. 

Because excitement isn’t great for her ticker, and because she’s senior, she spent most of the evening asleep, but it was a lovely occasion.

Have a great weekend.