Saturday, July 25, 2015


Phil relaxes on his big fluffy bed.
The plan yesterday was to observe National Stress Down Day (in support of Life Line), but life had some other plans. Phil managed to get in a few hours of blissful day-napping, but it has been a very busy week here and whilst we had fantastised about talking a long scenic walk by a beautiful River, it didn’t happen.

Fellow blogger Mia Cobb did stress down and loved it. You can read her post about the importance of de-stressing, and how we destress with animals, here.

If you’re feeling work has been a bit stressful lately, there’s a fantastic (and very short) article by psychologist Stacie Fishell Rowan on the “Top 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout”. I don’t want to steal her thunder and give them away, so you’ll need to log in to read this article (it’s free and the article applies to non-vets as well as to vets).

The key lesson is that stressing-down in any job but especially being a vet takes planning, but also flexibility.

We’re currently working on a project relating to stress in the veterinary profession, although we’re not stressing about it! Have a great weekend, folks, and get some sleep.