Saturday, July 11, 2015

Date with your dog: Action Cam

Bosca wears the SONY HDR as100v Action Cam with dog harness. This time around we also managed to capture a lot of footage of sand.
Ever wondered what it’s like to film from a dog’s point of view? We recently acquired the SONY HDRAS100V Action Cam and its corresponding dog harness. 

The camera itself weighs 160g which is too much for a 2kg dog to carry, so its not something that Phil can try out. But the possibilities with slightly larger dogs are endless. Its a great tool to capture what you're dog is looking at, what's happening at dog level and people's reactions. I also think this could be a useful tool for investigating canine behaviour, such as separation anxiety (we've reviewed a camera for this before, see our previous post), and what its like to visit a vet. 

Happily, this weekend SAT has relocated so we can create “boundaries of space and time” and complete a project. The bonus here is that Phil’s brother-from-another-mother, Mr B, is ready and able to wear the harness and camera.

When we acquired this camera we looked online to see the masterpieces people have created, and found this fabulous clip called TailGunner, featuring Casey Brown and Poppy the Dog.

Alas, we’re somewhat less adept than Casey and Poppy, but we’re working on a Bosca version (with one camera and sans the stunts, drones and crew). But we’re hoping to bring you a dog’s point-of-view clip shortly. During our pilot filming (Mr B’s walk yesterday) we ended up with loads of footage of stranger’s crotches, and other dog’s bottoms which wasn't quite what we were after. That's okay - the main thing when mounting technology on a dog is to ensure they have a chance to adapt to wearing it. I don't think Bosca noticed!

Bosca really did enjoy checking out the sand, even though the beautiful waves were right behind him.
After work, and after viewing our pilot footage, we settled down to watch the first episodes of the series Derek, written, directed by and featuring comedian and card-carrying animal lover Ricky Gervais. 

Derek Noakes, 49, works at Broad HillNursing Home. Like Gervais, Noakes is an animal lover. There’s a very moving scene in Series 1, Episode 2, where the animals from the Medway Centre visit the residents. They’re all a bit stressed about a council visit, so Hannah the manager asks if they can stay overnight. Its television, so the answer is “why not?" In real life that wouldn't be an option - unless of course one is a resident in one of the few but fabulous homes that accommodates animals. 

If you’ve not yet seen Derek this is very gentle humour with compassion thrown in – and its lovely to see the therapeutic benefits of pets being promoted. Phil slept through three episodes which is definitely a sign it’s a good show. Have a great weekend, folks! 

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Declaration: The SONY Action Cam HDR AS100V was a gift to Phil from SONY Australia as he did some modelling for them. We've not been asked to review it but we can't resist the opportunity.