Friday, July 31, 2015

Animal Law in Australia in 2015 and pets as "feelings ventriloquists"

This month the NSW Law Society Young Lawyer’s Animal Welfare Committee is hosting what looks to be a fantastic conference on animals and the law at the University of New South Wales on August 29.

Card-carrying students can book here

Non-students can book here.

The program includes some exceptional speakers and will cover a range of topics including live export, the dairy industry, ag-gag legislation, RSPCA prosecutions, competition law and consumer policy, ethics and companion animals. This should be of interest to anyone who works with animals or is interested in matters of animal law in general.

On another note, SAT reader Kerry shared an interesting article about using pets as “feelings ventriloquists”. This occurs when one uses anthropomorphism as a passive-aggressive means of communicating with partners and other significant household members.

Example: partner A says to pet 1 (within earshot of partner B): “Sorry dinner is late tonight, Daddy forgot to do the shopping, didn’t he? What a vewy, vewy, vewy bad person.”

Which might seem innocent but this kind of trend can have negative implications for the animals caught in the human crossfire. Read more here.