Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy holidays!

Dogs outfits allergies
Ripley models her new skeleton suit. Its not all about the fashion. Ripley suffers from atopic dermatitis and the outfit (and medication) helps prevent her from scratching herself to bits.
Did anyone fall for Virgin Australia’s April Fool’s Premium Paw Door Entry Pet Lounge? (see video below).

It’s a bit of an insane idea, but a good reminder that Australian companion animals are a long way behind when it comes to air travel. They still can’t fly in the cabin of commercial aircraft, which I believe would decrease some of the risks associated with flying.

In other news, the Australian Department of Agriculture and CSIRO are working on a new emergency animal disease field guide for veterinarians. Right now they need as many vets as possible to complete a survey to ensure that the most appropriate information is included in the field guide, and how we’d prefer to access it. It’s a brief survey and only takes a couple of minutes. Click here to complete.

dogs outfits
Ripley displays her suit from the rear.
An important program which helps keep pets and senior owners together, Pets for Life, is currently under threat as funding appears to be running low. This is a major concern for this and similar programs, and ultimately for the welfare of animals and humans. Read more here.

The Centre for Veterinary Education is hosting an evidence-based companion animal dermatology workshop in September. For more info, see here.

SAT is signing off over the Easter weekend, but we’ll be back next week. Just remember to keep the chocolate and hot cross buns out of reach of animals.