Friday, March 20, 2015

Visit from Bradley Viner, author of Success in Veterinary Practice

Bradley Viner Success in Veterinary Practice
Nerdsville, population Anne. Plus Chiana and Bradley Viner. (I don't think Chiana realised she was being photographed with a world famous author).
One of our favourite books is Bradley Viner’s Success in Veterinary Practice: Maximising Clinical Outcomes and Personal Wellbeing. Dr Viner is a multiple practice owner in the UK and a big proponent of improving general practice through a range of mechanisms including reflective practice. He’s also a bit of a Bernese Mountain Dog fanatic.

You can read an interview with Dr Viner about reflective practice here.

His book is in our list of essential small animal veterinary textbooks (you can find out which others made the list here).

I interviewed Dr Viner several times and met up with him at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London last year. (The Queen popped in there recently to open new kennels which were under construction when I was there). I had my camera with me at the time but felt a bit too awkwardly nerdy to ask for a photo. The awkwardness remained, but I wasn’t going to let him leave without seizing the opportunity when he came to Australia. 

When he visited our workplace I was heartened to learn that someone else somewhere in the world thinks it’s quite normal, even fun, to visit vet practices when travelling. Every veterinary practice is a little bit different and you can always learn something, whether it’s how they set up cat-friendly hospital cages to how the pharmacy is organised. Within a day of landing he'd already checked out practices around Sydney.

But the nice thing is his philosophy.

"Whilst financial success can provide a short term basis for our motivation and well-being, long term satisfaction is only likely to be achieved if there is harmony between our personal values and goals and our professional objectives, and we are content with the place that our profession occupies within our lives."
He’s very much into thinking about the bigger picture of one’s veterinary career and working in accordance with one’s values.

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