Thursday, March 12, 2015

Veiled chameleon hatchlings

A veiled chameleon hatchling meets the world. Image by Lorinda Taylor.

How do you react when you see an exotic species? Ever feel a sense of complete amazement that despite our efforts to urbanise and industrialise the planet, there remain on earth some creatures that would be more fitting in science fiction than in the context of our realities?

The humble beginnings of Veiled chameleons. Photo by Lorinda Taylor.
Taronga Zoo has welcomed more than 20 baby chameleons, with the last of three clutches hatching this week. The older of the hatchlings are eating crickets and turning their characteristic bright green colour.

Three Veiled chameleons. Photo by Paul Fahy.
Veiled chameleons are native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, they're one of a few species housed by the zoo that aren't endangered. But they are a reminder that our natural world is rich, exotic and spectacularly fragile.

Veiled chameleons walk on arm. Can you spot the third one? Photo by Paul Fahy.

Beautiful. Photo by Lorinda Taylor.