Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Glenn meets salad

Centralian bearded dragon food diet nutrition vegetables
Glenn ponders his vegetable salad.
How do you sell the idea of eating vegetables to a Centralian bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, although it appears no one has told Glenn that. He will run across his enclosure for a cricket or mealworm, but remains less excited about carrots and leafy greens. Apparently, around 20 per cent of a juvenile beardie’s diet should be made up of vegies.

I decided to make little G a salad using some chopped leafy greens and carrots, along with some commercial bearded dragon pellets. 

Centralian bearded dragon surgery tail amputation nutrition
Glenn watches me watching him watch his salad. You may also note that his tail is healing well following surgery.

And yes, I did need to add some mealworms so some of the following images do contain those, although there are no images of worms being eaten as such.

Centralian bearded dragon mealworm vegetables nutrition diet
Glenn shows interest in the salad. You can see a mealworm in this view.
Centralian bearded dragon vegetables mealworm mealie worm
Glenn spots something moving in the salad.
Glenn takes a bite.