Saturday, March 14, 2015

Date with my dog, and taking the happiness challenge

Phil, looking iconic in front of an iconic building. Photo by Pierre Mardaga.

What are you up to this weekend? Here at SAT HQ we’re spending quality time with the guinea pigs, the bearded dragon, two cats and a dog, and taking part in the 7-day Happiness Challenge. More on that later.

A few weeks ago we took part in photographer Pierre Mardaga’s My Dog's Territory project to document the dogs in the Marrickville Municipality. It combined two things we loved – the $35 fee for the photo shoot itself is donated to the Animal Welfare League. But we’re not going to lie: we are a bit crazy about photography. Or phoDOGraphy.

You may recall the “making of” photos. Well, this is what Pierre made of Phil. 

This is Pierre taking the photo.

And this is the result.
Given he had to take the photos whilst commando rolling down the street, I was doubly impressed. This week we took delivery of the result and I think you will agree that Pierre’s photos captured the essence of Phil.

Pierre popped into work to deliver some photos. This is Annie, myself, Pierre and Ange with the Phil collection.
Of course my boss Ange also took part, and Pierre’s photos of her dog Ellie May were stunning. So there was a bit of a competition this week over whose dog is actually more photogenic (pretty sure team Phil took the gold medal in that one, sorry Ellie May).

Okay, so my photo doesn't do Pierre's photo any justice but I had about a nanosecond to take it before Ellie May (barely restrained between Ange's knees) went nuts and licked my lens. I know, a poor workwoman blames her tools (or the maniacs who lick them) but I did try.
This week we're also partaking in the 7-day Happiness Challenge in the lead up to Friday, which is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. If you want to take part visit here.

We've got two distinguished scientists visiting SAT HQ this week (in between being happy were also running around like the peeps in the Spray'n'Wipe ad), so we're looking forward to sharing more about their work, and possibly undertaking some field trips, in the coming weeks.