Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Report reveals cruelty associated with training of greyhounds

greyhound racing cruelty live baiting
Greyhound racing outfit.
Today’s scheduled post has been delayed to discuss the shocking revelations made on the ABC’s Four Corners report, entitled “Making a Killing”, last night.

Report Caro Meldrum-Hanna performed an extensive investigation after receiving video footage from Animals Australia depicting the live-baiting of greyhounds by prominent greyhound racing identities.

This is distressing footage depicting possums, piglets and rabbits being subjected to unbelievable, unacceptable, despicable cruelty.

As a veterinarian I found this extremely challenging viewing. The extent of the trauma suffered by the animals involved is extreme.

The staggering thing is that several of the trainers are interviewed about the subject of live-baiting and all deny it occurs in the sport. These same people are filmed paying for, observing and participating in live-baiting. With so many prominent trainers involved, it is difficult to entertain the belief that such cruelty is not accepted by the industry. The regulatory body effectively admits it is not equipped to do the job.

News reports this morning are repeating allegations made in the program, with good reason - this must not be allowed.

The program can be viewed here:

Caro Meldrum-Hanna released an update on the industry response here.

SAT is opposed to animal cruelty.

For further information and advice on how you might act, visit the web page of Animals Australia – the organisation responsible for conducting these investigations here.

You may also wish to support the RSPCA Australia, which is responsible for pursuing the perpetrators of this cruelty.

Remember greyhounds are victims here too.

How should the veterinary profession respond to these allegation? What changes need to be put in place to ensure this never happens again? How can what appears to be a widespread culture of deception and acceptance of organised cruelty be changed?

This is an emotive topic. Please keep comments appropriate and reasonable.

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  1. I'm fairly speechless, apparently the only people surprised by this footage are the industry welfare regulators and integrity people; ask anyone in rescue and rehoming and they all know about it. Still knowing and watching it occur are two very different things. By turning a blind eye and colluding all participants in the industry must take responsibility for the implosion. I for one will be glad to see the end of this so called sport which adds nothing to us as a society.


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