Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Auckland and Waiheke Island

bands posters animals hybrid
I don't know the Misfits, but I love their posters.
I had a mission last week which took me to Auckland and Waiheke Island – an Island located a short ferry ride from the CBD. If you’ve not travelled to New Zealand, you’re missing out big time. In today’s post I will let the photos do the talking.

Pebble dogs sit outside the University of Otago.
Carbtastic french toast with a raspberry compote and marscapone from Q Theatre on Queen Street (NB you don't have to go to the theatre to eat here, they're open all day).  
vineyard pond lotus
This is the Brick Bay winery just North of Auckland. It is DOG FRIENDLY. Bringing one's dog to New Zealand is a complicated matter, but if you visit a friend with a dog I recommend this place for lunch. 
gnomes sculpture public art dog friendly
Silver gnomes on the Sculpture Walk at Brick Bay. There's a small fee for doing the walk, which is absolutely lovely and dog friendly to boot.
You can catch the SeaLink car ferry from Auckland CBD to Waiheke Island. There are some good deals on the website (eg $145 return for one car and two adults).
car ferry travel New Zealand
You can get out of the car and climb up to the viewing deck, or sit in the cafe. Lots of commuters were working away on their laptops in there.
dog car travel
Lots of people travel with their dogs over to the island.
Ostend Market Waiheke
The Saturday Markets at Ostend are fantastic. It was as if the whole community turned out.
Karen London Crochet Diva Tiki
Haul from the Ostend Markets. A killer tea cosy by the Crochet Diva, a Tiki necklace and two original bags by Karen London.
sheep grazing
And yes, there are sheep on the island. Beautiful, beautiful sheep.
The view from the Lannan by the Sea. A very nice bed and breakfast that only recently opened. (You can check out their photos of dolphins frolicking nearby here).
fruit platter
Banking on the concept that the Lannan's fruit platter cancelled out the french toast carbs!