Saturday, January 10, 2015

Would a halo help?

Phil after a bath. 
Blind dogs have a tendency to bump into things and become disoriented. One thing that seems to be taking the internet by storm recently is the Halo Vest, an outfit with a built in halo so that instead of bumping its head, the halo makes contact with the object and the dog can avoid collision.

It’s an interesting concept although it has some obvious limitations (it won’t stop a blind dog from falling down the stairs).

There are different versions of this springing up everywhere, like this Jetson-style piece on twitter (here).

Meanwhile over at the Worms and Germs Blog, Scott Weese sussed out a new record in rabies incubation in a person and reckons it is legit. Read more at Worms and Germs here. The man acquired the disease by killing the rabid dog, presumably because he suspected rabies. The act was not performed humanely nor did the man wear any protective gear.

Have a safe weekend!