Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kids asthma comic

When he isn't gallavanting on the rooftops, Hero likes to play the "missing game" which consists of hiding somewhere (cupboards are always good), not moving in the slightest while my blood pressure increases, then meowing "oh hi what are you doing here?" when I find him. This activity is apparently most enjoyable if played just as I am about to leave for work.
Did you know vets are ruled by their cats just as much as non-vet cat-carers are?

This morning’s blog is somewhat truncated due to the antics of a particular feline member of the household who decided to explore a chimney. Thanks Hero. Everyone has now been safely extracted from the roof and back inside. Including humans who might have been running around the neighbourbood in pyjamas banging tins of cat food.

Our friends at the GraphicMedicine blog just alerted us to a brilliant (human) paediatric initiative to teach kids about asthma: Iggy and the Inhalers is written by Alex Thomas, a board certified paediatric allergist AND a talented artist.

You can check it out here: and order a copy. We can't wait for more artistic vets to turn their hand to a bit of graphic veterinary medicine!