Friday, January 23, 2015

Keeping cats cool

Oh yes. Michael enjoys her cooler-bag bed. (Photobomb courtesy of Phil). How do you keep your pets cool in the heat?

Michael has worked out a way to beat the summer heat. She’s discovered cooler bags, the ones you can get for the supermarket when you’re stocking up on groceries for a field trip. They’re padded, cool (hence the name – though they are cooler if you whack an icebrick or frozen dinner in them), and big enough for a plus-sized cat (who has lost another 400grams on her diet thank you very much) to crash out on in this unrelenting Sydney heat.

If you position it the right way the cooler bag provides its own little head rest. Not sure why Mike feels the need to wedge her buttocks beneath the furniture but I am sure there is a rationale.
The guinea pigs have a little ice-bucket in their enclosures to provide a coolness-gradient, and Phil crashes out near a fan. Fortunately the reptile member of the household is thriving in the heat.

THIS JUST IN. Elephants at Taronga Zoo are keeping cool too.
Thong Dee plays in the waterfall. Image by Paul Fahy, Taronga Zoo.

That's better! Image by Paul Fahy, Taronga Zoo.