Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Calling all owners of brachycephalic dogs

What do brachycephalic breeds enjoy doing? 
Do you own a brachycephalic (short-muzzled or flat faced breed) or know someone who does?

Researchers in the UK are looking at the tendency of some – not all – of these dogs to have noisy and/or difficult breathing. Whether your dog has breathing issues or not they are keen for owners to participate in an anonymous, online survey with the aim of examining how the brachycephalic confirmation affects quality of life.

As the researchers state:

There is currently very little information about what brachycephalic dogs enjoy generally, whether their breathing is affected or not. In this questionnaire, we will ask you about your dog's general health and then about the good things in her/his life- things dogs are often thought to enjoy.

The findings will help make recommendations for owners, breeders and vets about how to maximise quality of life in brachycephalic dogs. They will also aid decisions when a dog with a breathing condition does or does not need veterinary treatment or advice. Your responses will be entirely anonymous.

If you own a pug, Frenchie, King Charles, Chihuahua, English Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Boxer you can participate. check this link: