Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolution: no more procrastination in 2015!

Missy hangs out in her neighbour's yard.

If you’re planning on studying in 2015 (and I’ve realised I won’t ever stop studying) then you might want to take this free online course on learning, which promises to divulge tips for mastering tough subjects and dedicates a solid week to procrastination (the study of, rather than the practice of).

[The problem is once I get onto the Coursera site I am overwhelmed with the courses on offer, like the University of Melbourne’s course on animal behaviour which starts in June and the University of Edinburgh’s Chicken Behaviour and Welfare scheduled for April. And I've wait listed for Peter Singer's Practical Ethics course (date to be announced). (If a bunch of people wait list, who knows, they might bring it forward! Sign up here...)].

Speaking of procrastination, the web has delivered some worthy material this week which we’ve curated for you.

Ever wanted to make a time lapse video, only to find too much time has lapsed to do what you want to do? These people got it right, making a time lapse of their Rhodesian Ridgeback Sophie growing up. You will see her grow from two months to three years. View it here or see below.

For all the nerds out there who feel that fashion doesn’t speak to them, this will: Norwegian scientist May-Britt Moser shared the Nobel Prize in physiology for medicine with her husband Edvard Moser and colleague John O’Keefe for the discovery of grid cells in the brain.

To the prize ceremony she wore a stunning dress featuring those very grid cells, designed by Matthew Hubble. Check it out here.

For nerds who can’t afford to commission a designer, or aren’t quite up to a Nobel prize (yet), there’s always Black Milk’s “Braaains” leggings, click here.

In other news Blayney vet Ruth Thompson spent Christmas lunch treating a jack Russell terrier for snake bite (the snake didn’t do so well). Had Ruth not been on call, Tater would almost certainly have died. Read the story here.

A few weeks ago I wrote about participating in an experiment which involved observing my dog (via video camera) when I left the house. Someone else did this informally, mounting a GoPro on their dog (Phil is way too small for this!) and uploaded the results here.