Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dog Lovers Show ticket winners and links

Becky (left) and Honey.

Why do we love dogs? Elizabeth, winner of our Dog Lovers Show competition, revealed why her family loves dogs.

Without these two Tibetan Spaniels my Grandma would have no one to talk to through the week. Every Thursday the four of us jump in the car and head down to the local dog park for some fun. Dogs give humans an excuse to bond, and share the love that we all need in simple ways! 
Jenna, who came second, said about dogs:

They are always there for you and are unconditional in their love and acceptance.
Words we can’t argue with. Ladies, we hope you enjoy the show on the weekend. If you missed out its not too late - you can still score tickets at

The discussion about Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup continues, with the RSPCA calling for a whip-free race in 2015 (read their media release here).

The Guardian’s Oliver Milman wrote this thought-provoking piece about the complicity of Cup consumers.

It will be interesting to see whether this publicity leads to changes, and if so, what? 


On the topic of dogs and love, we were interested to see this article about a Bernese Mountain Dog falling for a ferret.

Meanwhile from the interwebs, Ljudmila send this link about the Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners, and the winner is sensational (check here).

And these images of puppies photographed underwater are interesting.