Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fly your pet in a private jet

The future of travel? Pet friendly flights.

Why is it that companion animals are treated as companions on land, and cargo in the air? Within Australia it’s just about impossible to fly with a companion animal in the cabin, which means they are stowed in the hold.

Imagine if your pet could sit beside you for the duration of the flight? Imagine sharing your in-flight meal with your cat or taking your dog for a walk around the cabin?

We spoke to “Petsin the Air”, a UK based company that provides private jet transport for pets – and their people.

Imagine where you could go.
Why is there a need for "Pets in the air"? 

Pet owners like to travel WITH their dogs in the comfort of a private jet with their dogs uncaged and free to walk around. This affords both types of passenger a stress free trip.

You allow pets in the cabin. Exactly where can they sit?

Generally they prefer to sit on the settees or seats. There is no restriction where the dogs can go as long as they do not make a nuisance of themselves, which they never do. We have in the past removed seats where there are a few dogs travelling.

Can they walk around during the flight if it’s a long flight? 

Absolutely, the pets are free to roam. We always insist at least one adult passenger remains awake at all times.

Do you serve snacks for non-human passengers? 

Snacks or full service meals for both dogs and humans are available, with or without additional cabin crew.

What species do you fly? 

Any, as long as they are domesticated and are happy to walk up the aircraft steps.

Are there some pets you don't allow in the cabin? 

Yes, those pets which are too wild … (untamed). We have to adhere to CAA rules etc. Dangerous animals aren't allowed on aircraft.

Do you have in-flight entertainment?  

Yes, whatever is required, the animals mostly look out of the windows or sleep!

What's the longest distance you've flown? 

Far East to West Coast of USA.

Have you had to cater to any interesting special requirements? 

All food requirements are catered for, including fillet steak for those pet owners who request it. Some celebrities are happy with a sandwich!

Is there anything else that pet owners should know before flying with their pet? 

We brief the owners thoroughly about feeding pets before they travel [Ed - good call - and a good travel tip in general. If your pet gets queasy in the car it might be worth skipping breakfast til you arrive at the destination]. We ensure no flight leg is too long as to make a pet uncomfortable. All flights must be tailored individually as all pets travel differently. 

We provide a bespoke travel service at not such an unreasonable cost as
people may think. In recent years, we have looked after a small amount of high end clients on an individual basis and we're now launching this business to provide the same service to a wider clientele.