Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Feline fashion at the Cat Film Furstival

Enjoying the goodies at the Cat Film Furstival.

The RSPCA’s inaugural Cat Film Furstival in Sydney this weekend brought out the cat-lover in everyone, with the most extensive array of feline-themed tee-shirts, tights, dresses, headwear and handbags I’ve ever seen. Clearly there were some items that people had been hiding away until the right occasion appeared.

Subtle, no. Feline, yes. The ultimate cat handbag.
I am no street-style blogger, nor am I as discerning as Anna Wintour, but I did my best to capture a few stylish moments.

You know that old thing about cat owners morphing to look like their cats? It happens with cat tee-shirt owners as well.
In a nod to the fact that cat videos have quietly taken over the internet, the festival showcased a collection of short pieces that earned cries of “ooooh ooooh ooooh, I’ve seen this one it’s HILARIOUS” from the crowd.

And you'll need a big cat hair clip to stop your hair sticking to the temporary cat-tatt on your cheek.
It’s nice to know when one goes out it is somehow helping less fortunate cats and kittens, even if they couldn't be present (can you imagine the chaos?). 

Crowned-caped-cat-tee. Tres chic.
The RSPCA is looking to showcase Australian videos next year, so if you think your cat is a star (and please, no videos in which cats are hurt/freaked out/stressed out), email events@rspcansw.org.au

One of the smiling volunteers sporting a super shirt.