Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dolphins visit Sydney

Bronte beach yesterday evening. Not exactly everyone's favourite beach weather but as it happened, the best time ever to go.

It has been a very busy week here at SAT HQ, research on two big projects is ramping up and the office, frankly, looks like a disaster zone. Yesterday, in an attempt to achieve work-life balance (bwahahaha) Phil and I went to meet up with a friend at Bronte Beach for a spot of fish and chips.

This dude wasn't camera shy. He's not posing either - he was checking out our chips.
We fought our way through peak hour traffic wondering if it were such a good idea to venture east.

It was a tad windy, a smidge overcast and a touch dark…on the up side it’s never been easier to score a park. Only the really hard-core, wet-suited surfers were braving the water.

And when we were sitting down enjoying potato scallops, we noted some action in the waves…a pod of dolphins rode in on the waves and played around in front of us.

This might be a good pic to zoom in on. I promise they are there.
Naturally I was under-lensed but just to prove it happened, here they are. Not being a beach-dweller and only visiting sporadically I’ve never seen dolphins visit a Sydney beach before. Spectacular.

Truly awesome.