Thursday, September 11, 2014

50 reasons to adopt a cat

Kittens: "You need us in your life". See 50 reasons below.
This week we asked the Cat Protection Society to brainstorm ten reasons to adopt a cat. Naturally that took about ten seconds. But they kept going...and came up with fifty good reasons to adopt a cat. All VERY good reasons. 

Cat Protection's shelter on Enmore Road is always brimming with beautiful cats and kittens. They do a very good job looking after them, but they don't want them to stay permanently. So as you read this, and you are currently without feline OR you are considering adding to the pride, think about paying a visit to CPS.

In no particular order, here are just 50 very good reasons we think you should adopt one (or two) of our fabulous felines.

1.   To experience love
2.   To keep you company
3.   To keep you sane
4.   To keep you entertained

...and to justify your purchase of that fancy glass table.
5.   They are spiritual guardians over your home
6.   To teach you another language
7.   To keep you warm at night
8.   To give you a darn good reason to get out of bed in the morning
9.   To teach you unselfishness

Hero: he gives me a darn good reason to get out of bed in the morning. And a darn good reason to get in it at night!
10.        To enrich their lives
11.        To know that animals have feelings
12.        To experience a uniquely wonderful relationship
13.        To experience joy

Because foster kitties need furever homes.
14.        To experience unconditional acceptance
15.        To strike up conversations with good looking strangers in the pet food aisle
16.        To be reminded to be humble
17.        To be needed and trusted
18.        To make your life more meaningful and purposeful
19.        To be wowed

Geoffery the Burmese performs a somersault and is captured on camera a nanosecond before landing. Definitely a "wow" moment.
20.        To be wooed
21.        To be motivated to do more yoga
22.        They can be very funny

Cats have a great sense of humour.
23.        To give you a reason to come home at night
24.        To make you curious
25.        To teach children about responsibility
26.        To teach children about kindness

Because behind every crazy cat guy is...a crazy cat. Of course.
27.        To make life-saving room at the shelter for a new cat in need
28.        To hear them purr
29.        To improve your non-verbal communication skills
30.        Lower maintenance than dogs

Cats are lower maintence than dogs (although Phil is an honorary cat).
31.        More entertaining than a pet fish
32.        To give your kids a friend who will keep their secrets and help them get through the tough times growing up
33.        Cats don’t often answer back
34.        Nothing makes you more zen than patting a nice kitty
35.        Their calm company will reduce your stress

Even their amazing feats of share-chairing are a site to behold.
36.        Helping with mental illness
37.        To give peace to a person who loved their cat but could no longer care for them
38.        They look super cute!
39.        To keep your dog company

Who's got the remote? Cats can be awesome companions for dogs.
40.        To keep your cat company
41.        To help you assess the worthiness of your new boyfriend/girlfriend

Because they put up with our quirks: The first (and last) time Michael tried the "cats in wigs" trend.
42.        They let you know if someone’s coming near your front door
43.        To cheer you up when you’re sad
44.        To keep you on your toes
45.        To improve your health
46.        To have hundreds of gorgeous photos on your smartphone

It is widely known that cats are the single justification for the smartphone.
47.        To be connected to one of nature’s creatures and understand that the world isn’t just made up of people
48.        To inspire you
49.        To  know that the simple act of adopting one cat changes their world forever, for the better
50.        Because EVERY cat deserves a loving and responsible home

Honestly peeps, do you need more reasons??? Hero and Mike say "Go and check out the Cat Protection society and find the love of your life. And PS two cats are better than one!!!".
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