Friday, August 29, 2014

Update on Sutcliffe, the baby bearded dragon

Baby central bearded dragon
Sutcliffe chills on an ornament while his enclosure is cleaned.

For those SAT readers dying to know, little Sutcliffe the Central Bearded Dragon is chugging along very nicely, although he would prefer to see the end of these grey skies and accompanying torrential rain (wouldn't we all??? - I've seen so many miserable dogs in the last week who aren't getting their daily walks and don't like peeing if it means getting their feet wet. Can't say I blame them). He hasn’t grown visibly but is happily eating the Hills a/d and taking his calcium Sandoz without much fuss.

Central bearded dragon on finger
Sutcliffe meets world renowned herpetologist Dr Glenn Shea.
When he does catch a moment in natural sunshine (as opposed to the artificial UV light he is exposed to) he comes alive. Otherwise he mostly sleeps.

Close up baby bearded dragon
Close up of Sutcliffe catching a nap on the hand of Dr Glenn Shea.
If you’re looking for tips on reptile husbandry check here or grab this awesome book.

Meanwhile the Australian Veterinary Journal will this month publish case reports of horses contracting Australian Bat Lyssavirus, a very concerning development. Read more here.

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