Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet Sutcliffe, the baby bearded dragon

Sutcliffe is a central bearded dragon. Getting reptile husbandry right is absolutely essential for their wellbeing. He suffered a pathological fracture of his tail, probably due to a combination of poor diet and not enough UV light.

Meet Sutcliffe, a juvenile central bearded dragon that we have been nursing. Today's post is more pictorial than anything else.

Sutcliffe has a tiny pathological fracture of his tail, probably secondary to poor husbandry including lack of UV light, so we’re supplementing him with calcium Sandoz syrup and a “matchhead” of Hill’s a/d every day.

He weighs a massive 5 grams.
We took him to SouthPenrith Veterinary Clinic to visit Dr Robert Johnson, who has written several books on reptile husbandry including this one.

Sutcliffe has his calcium sandoz syrup (diluted 1:10 in the tiniest possible amount).
Pet reptiles are very prone to metabolic bone disease so it is important to get their husbandry right. Overhandling can be part of the problem. You can read more here. We'll keep you posted on Sutcliffe's progress. Meanwhile if you're wondering about all the gloves, reptiles are known to carry salmonella so it is important to practice excellent hygiene - and don't kiss them, tempting as it may be.

Chilling (well, probably not an appropriate term to use for a reptile's preferred activity) on a leaf.