Thursday, August 21, 2014

A guinea pig cake, some dog philosophy, and Shark Girl DVD Prizewinners

Doing something nice for an isn't that hard!

Today marks the close of our Awesome Shark Girl DVD Giveaway. Readers had to do something nice for an animal. Hopefully most of you were too busy doing nice things to enter the competition. We have two clear winners: Laura and her little lambs, and Karen.

Karen made a cake version of her guinea pig Louie to raise some cash on RSPCA Cupcake Day. Not only does the cake look remarkably like Louie, Karen raised over $800, proving that being nice to animals can be very sweet indeed. Ladies, your prizes are on the way.

Louie the cake.

Louie the guinea pig - rear view.

Louie the cake - rear view. The resemblence is uncanny.
On another note, I’m currently working on a book about veterinary ethics with Dr Siobhan Mullan from Bristol University. It involves a lot of research, much discussion and debate and some hard thinking about some big issues. So I loved this cartoon about dog philosophy, pointed out by infectious disease specialist and purveyor of all fine things on the internet, Associate Professor Tom Gottlieb. Click here.

In the infectious disease arena, Professor Barrie Marmion – known best for his work on Q-fever – died earlier this year at the age of 94. Not one to quietly retire, in 2012 he opened the session on Q-fever at the ASID Zoonoses conference. The ABC put together a lovely story detailing the highlights of his career. Click here for more info. 

Finally, this week you - and so many others - may well find yourself asking "why is my cat urinating in the house?". We can answer that with another question: do YOU like getting wet feet when you pee? No? We see a lot more litter tray mishaps (or misses) during rainy whether. Check out our previous post on trouble-shooting problematic peeing here.