Friday, July 11, 2014

Fight cruelty with cupcakes

Phil poses next to a rather large cupcake (no, he didn't eat it!).

Good news for the sweet-toothed and the big-hearted: the RSPCA is holding its annual national Cupcake Day on Monday August 18. It is set to be the biggest bake-off in the Southern Hemisphere. If, like me, your baking skills are somewhat wanting, you can contribute by purchasing a cupcake (or ten) and eating it in the name of a good cause.

This year Cupcake Day funds will be used to fight animal cruelty.

You can throw a morning tea at work or home, host a high tea, set up a cupcake stall, hold a bake-off or some other cupcake themed event. So go crazy with those piping bags.

How can your cupcakes change lives?

  • $10 provides an enrichment toy for a cat to help their development
  • $30 will shelter and care for a neglected dog
  • $40 microchips a cat or dog to help them find their way home
  • $50 helps with emergency boarding for the animals of domestic violence victims
  • $60 provides bedding, heat pads and lamps to keep a puppy warm
  • $100 subsidises medical treatment for an injured dog or cat
  • $150 will desex a kitten waiting adoption
  • $240 will provide vaccinations and microchipping for animals living in remote and regional areas
  • $350 keeps an RSPCA Inspector on the road fighting cruelty

To sign up, or just make a donation, check out this link here.