Sunday, June 8, 2014

Date with your dog: boy's weekend

Phil and Bosca bliss out in front of the fire.

This weekend Phil and I popped over to visit Bosca. Phil doesn't always relish the company of other dogs, but Bosca is a firm favourite and they indulge their common interests like barking in unison and lying on new furniture. 

Bosca indulges in the forbidden activity of stick-chewing on the rug. Fortunately the size differential (and a distinct lack of teeth on Phil's part) means there's no competition between Bosca and Phil for sticks.

We're trying to schedule a few more Phil-specific weekends as he's a bit over me working on assignments at home. (Who isn't??). This way everyone wins.

Bosca has taught Phil the odd bad coveting thy mother's cheesecake.
Phil also met (fore) and Jess (behind). They all liked each other its just a very awkward photo. Happens sometimes.
If you're looking for a weekend read, I just learned that the Pope thinks couples should be having kids not pets. Thoughts?

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  1. We urge people to adopt pets, not breed them, but I'm not sure the Pope's comment about having kids had the same message . With human population at more than seven billion, and no sustainable way of providing food, water, and many other necessities, I doubt the wisdom of breeding more humans.


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