Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend links

Phil and Coco beat the winter chill in their beds.
Hurrah...its the weekend again! Although here at SAT we know all too well that lots of you will be working, studying or cramming. (What evil mastermind made May the month of intense exam preparation anyway?) Even so, exam prepartion inevitably leads to some procrastination. So we can thank our readers for these links! 

Have you ever considered training a reptile? Australian scientists have taken on that challenge, reporting early success at training goannas to avoid cane toads which if eaten will kill them. Read more about this incredible project here.

If you have not yet seen the video of a brave cat who took on a dog that was attacking a kid, you need to see it (click here). Tara, a former stray who followed the family home, took on a lab x chow. The boy, Jeremy, sustained some nasty bites but is now doing well. 

These photos of a girl and her bulldog are stunning, albeit concerning in part (am thinking about baby's face too close to dog's face...I know some readers will say "come on, don't be so risk-averse" - but you have to remember just one bite changes everything. And animals - like us - aren't always predictable). Still, I can appreciate some beautifully composed photos, and Rebecca Leimbach has captured something special about Lola and Harper in this series.

Worried about what would happen if rabies were to arrive on our shores? Professor Michael Ward, Chair of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety at the Faculty of Veterinary Science will talk about the impact of Rabies on our Northern communities at the uni on Thursday May 22 at 1pm in the Veterinary Science Conference Centre. All are welcome.

Finally, most news publications can't resist stories about animals with prostheses. The Huffington Post has put together this collection of the most well-known cases in recent times.