Friday, May 9, 2014

Is dressing up your dog a slippery slope?

Phil slips into a cableknit (hand made by the incredible Pat Starnovsky).

When you've got a large surface area to body mass ratio, things can get pretty chilly in winter, hence the need for the odd jumper. Thanks to some wonderful gifts and a few impulsive purchases, we must confess that Phil's wardrobe has expanded over the past twelve months. 

There are some who would argue that dressing up dogs says a lot about US - not all of it flattering. I was fascinated to view this collection of images of dressed-up dogs by Sophie Gamand, although I'm unconvinced that Phil's cableknit is a gateway piece that will lead eventually to Doggles, skirts, baubles and bling. Her Dog Vogue gallery might suggest otherwise.

You might also want to check out Gamand's other galleries: this collection about Dead Dog Beach is heartbreaking but profound, especially when juxtaposed with the previous galleries. We certainly don't always strike the right balance in our relationship with dogs, or other animals - something we can always work towards.