Monday, May 12, 2014

Interview with Dr Justine Lee, CEO of VetGirl on the Run

Dr Justine Lee, author, blogger and founder of VetGirl on the Run.
Here at SAT most of our interviews are presented in the written word, but in a first for us, the tech-savvy Dr Justine Lee, founder of VetGirl, has answered our questions via podcast. 

The double-boarded Dr Lee discusses her fascinating veterinary career (including a period as a C-student: there is hope for everyone) and how she came up with the concept of VetGirl, a veterinary continuing education provider that is currently taking the world by storm. Last time I skyped Dr Lee she was preparing to summit Mt Kilimanjaro (as you do). Well, she made it up there and back down again. 

Fortunately, you won't have to battle altitude sickness to hear from her. Instead, in the comfort of your own office/bedroom/cave, you can simply click here.