Thursday, April 3, 2014

Learn about animal welfare and behaviour - for free

Do you recognise this face? This is Sofi (poster-pup from Monday's post) when she was a youngster.
The academic field of animal welfare and behaviour is growing, thank goodness, and its not something that only veterinary students can learn about.

Online education platform Coursera is offering a free five-week course on animal welfare and behaviour in July this year - and anyone can enrol. The course will be delivered by academics from the University of Edinburgh and Scotland's Rural College.

I love the idea behind Coursera - its a platform that partners with reputable universities and other organisations to provide free courses, the aim being to empower everyone in the world to get a world-class education to improve their lives. In this case, it might just improve the lives of non-humans too.

You can sign up here

[Fortunately this wasn't around when I was studying, I would have been tempted to enrol in so many courses - like this one on household poisonings, or this one on antimicrobial stewardship, or this one on preventing chronic pain - imagine if we all did these courses instead of watched TV!][ Oh, and if you want to enrol in a course on what it takes to become a vet, check this out].