Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Activities for animal lovers

Tuesday night in? I don't think so! It may be winter, but there is plenty on for pet and animal lovers.

Yesterday's post on the vetting of potential adopters by shelters generated some amazing discussion...some on the blog and some people just wanted to email me and let me know their feelings. It is clear that the case discussed yesterday was not isolated, but its also clear that there is a real need for vetting out unsuitable owners (and yes, they are out there). To continue the discussion, scroll down and add a comment. And thanks everyone for keeping it civilised...I know this is an emotive topic.

On another note if you thought Tuesday nights were quiet, think again. If you're based in Sydney there are a few things you might like to try.

The City of Sydney Council is hosting a workshop on "Petiquette" tonight, focusing on living with pets in strata accommodation and keeping the peace with the neighbours. There are still spots available so if you're free from 6.30-8 get register here.

If wildlife if your thing, make your way to Sydney Aquarium for an insight into the "great shark debate" - should be be culling sharks? What are shark nets and drum lines? What are they supposed to do? What impact do these have on marine life?

The evening will include short talks by marine ecologist Professor Dave Booth (UTS), shark incident policy researcher Chris Neff (Sydney University), shark bite victim Lisa Mondy, lobbyist Alexia Wellbelove (Humane Society International) and CEO of Australian Aerial Patrol Harry Mitchell. To register for tonight's event, click here.

Tomorrow Sydney University is sharing some great ideas. Professors Sarah Whatmore and Mike Michael [as the owner of a cat named Michael, I particularly like that name] will be charing a seminar entitled "More than Human".

Professor Lesley Head will be discussing the distinctive capacities of plants and the implications of these for animal studies; Associate Professor Dale Dominey-Howes will talk about animal-human relationships in natural disaster contexts, and Associate Professor Kane Race will discuss the instrumentalisation of animals in police powers with specific reference to drug detection laws. For more info and to register, visit here.

Anthrax is a fascinating disease, a feared biological weapon and even the name of a heavy metal band. On Wednesday evening, Dr James Stark (Leeds University) will discuss the social history of anthrax.

For more info and to register, visit here.

This Saturday don't miss the Good Dog Easter Dog Parade in Balmain. For details, check the Facebook page here.