Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guinea pigs turn three weeks old

Osler and Cushing turned three weeks old today. 

We've often said that being a child portrait photographer would be a tough gig. Well, juvenile guinea pigs are up there in terms of challenges. Getting two guinea pigs to look at one camera at the same time requires a team of assistants.

In Sydney Autumn has hit with a bang...dark skies, rain clouds and even a hint of cold...its a very good day to stay in bed (your pets will love you for it). 

So if you are we've got some interesting reads for you. Dr Karl wrote an excellent piece on ticks as a trigger for meat allergy. Read more here

A hint of Cushing. 
On an equally scary note, scientists ponder what the mass die-off of flying foxes mean here.

Blogger and mosquito guru Cameron Webb posted about the "Anticipating Infectious Threats to Australia" brainstorm hosted by the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity. You can read it here

We've got some great interviews in store for you next week, but til then enjoy the weekend! Oh, and if you need a kitten fix, Liz our nurse is fostering this little gem:
I just realised every photo in this post involves a cardboard box. They do make awesome hides for little animals.