Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do we breed companion animals ethically?

A Frenchie pops into the clinic for a visit.
Do we breed companion animals ethically? On Monday March 24, the Faculty of Veterinary Science is hosting its 4th Robert Dixon Memorial Symposium from 3.30-5pm. Registration is free but you do need to RSVP.

The question will be approached by a panel of experts including Dr Linda Beer (vet and dog breeder), Dr Andrew Cornwell (NSW MP, Chair of the NSW Companion Animal Taskforce), Ms Maryann Dalton (Pet Industry Association of Australia executive officer), Dr Karen Hedberg (vet, breeder, judge and Chair of the Canine Health and Wellbeing Committee), Bidda Jones (RSPCA Australia Chief Scientist), Professor Richard Malik (small animal specialist) and Professor Claire Wade (geneticist).

You can sign up here.

Grooming is not something we should consider a treat for pampered pets: it is critical in maintaining the health and wellbeing of small animals. If you have worked in a shelter you may have encountered a case similar to this one, posted by the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals. Knots and matts in fur are painful and restrict movement. (This story contains some upsetting images but has a really happy ending).

Here’s the best reason I’veever seen for taking up knitting: creating jumpers for penguins. Not for the sake of making them appear cute, although that is a happy side effect: they help prevent penguins affected by oil pollution from preening and swallowing the oil.

If you’re considering joining twitter, but think it’s just for people who want to troll celebrities or experience their 140 characters of fame on QandA, this brief slideshow might convince you otherwise.