Saturday, March 15, 2014

Date with your dog: seize those summery days

Charlie takes a dip.
Summer is over, although the summer weather is hanging around and its a good opportunity to spend time doing some of those summery things with your dog that you know that at least one of you won't be keen to do in winter. Rae Anne sent these awesome photos of Jessie and Charlie doing what they love to do most.

Jessie strikes a pose in the water. 
This weekend we're hoping to explore the concept of "monotasking" just a bit further. We just have so many tasks to choose from!!! Since we've been posting a lot on the topic of burnout in the vet profession, SAT reader Ljudmila sent this fantastic link to a post about stress management for busy people.

Charlie dries off. (Note those stunning eyelashes)
Of course if you're NOT sure what to do with yourself this weekend, or do want to turn your thoughts to matters vetty, there are plenty of options.

The Australian Veterinary Association is surveying veterinarians about pet insurance. If you have feedback about pet insurance - good or bad - now is the time to make your voice heard. Click here to complete the brief survey. 

While you're in survey-mode, there is an equally important survey on the use of antimicrobials. Antimicrobial resistance is on the AVA's agenda and they're keen to use the data to create better prescribing resources. Click here to complete the survey.

Jessie splashes around.
The Centre for Veterinary Education has just announced that members will have FREE access to all of their webinars this year. Cat vet Kim Kendall kicks off with a talk on early desexing and behaviour issues in kittens on March 27. You can view the full program over here.

Happiness is...
The Animal Referral Hospital is hosting evening vet CE talks on the link between pain and behaviour (Dr Kersti Seksel, Behaviour specialist) and difficult-to-localise shoulder lameness (Dr Sarah Goldsmid, small animal surgery) on Tuesday April 8 (Campbelltown) and Thursday April 10 (Homebush). Contact ARH to sign up.