Saturday, February 8, 2014

Look out Dawn Fraser! Australia has a new swimming champ...

Coco is a senior lady, but swimming provides gentle exercise and relief from the heat. Its also a very good excuse to go somewhere beautiful (i.e. the beach) and have an amazing picnic.

Summer is beginning to end, at least for our Aussie readers. If you haven't yet made the most of the heat your dog will never forgive you if you don't hop to it and plan some canine-centric activities.

On the weekend we had the pleasure of going swimming with Coco, a 1.9kg mini poodle whose skills in the water belie her size. 

Timing is important the tide can make all the difference.
They might be tiny waves, but for tiny dogs they're huge (thank you Merryn for this awesome action pic).
And its not like the dogs have all the fun. Its just nice to get outside, sit under a tree, eat a peanut butter, mushroom and lettuce sandwich (humans, not dogs) and enjoy a cuppa with some good friends.

Coco enjoys drying off after her huge effort in the water.
If you asked your dog, they'd probably tell you that weekends should be every day of the week.