Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bonding with cats, desirable qualities in employees and pet-themed sweet-treats

Cats. If you don't live with them, you are missing out big time. (Note the cat-friendly, leopard-print decor)
Here at SAT HQ we're in the thick of editing a journal article, which involves sitting on the study floor tearing one's hair out trying to locate the right reference amongst a mountain of articles upon which one's cats are happily outstretched and would rather not move off this one even though you need it right now thanks very much.

There's much going on in the world which merits thoughtful contemplation and serious discussion, but we're keeping it light today. The internet has served up a veritable treasure trove this week. 

This woman's bond with her cat is truly special. (Link courtesy of the one and only Dr Fabulous). The photographer is the subjects grandaughter (you can view more photos here). 

New grads take heed! My dad sent me this article about the qualities Google seek in employees: the ability to learn, leadership, ownership, humility. Good grades help but they're not enough - and there are good reasons. I particularly like the comments about failure. 

With an increasing pool of veterinary graduates it can be tough to find a job. This year's AVA conference has a stream devoted to graduate support, which is greatly needed.

And on a slightly more frivolous note, I wouldn't object if someone turned up with these cakes for morning tea, or even these floral arrangements.