Saturday, January 18, 2014

Date with your dog: roadtrips and DIY dog beds

The late TP has a sleep in my suitcase. (NB I NEVER pack animals IN the suitcase...they just love to sleep in it when I arrive).

This week we celebrate the humble "roadie" with your dog. If your dog is good in the car (not everyone copes well with car travel and I treat plenty of dogs for motion sickness), getting out of town for a night is an excellent way to spend a bit of time with your bestie. 

Phil practically dances when I pack my bags (I say bags - one of them is for him...when we arrive I throw a blanket in and he has a portable dog bed.

Phil with his booty.

If you are tied to the home or workplace this weekend, spend a few minutes checking out Tim Flach's dog photos. That white Hungarian pulli is stunning!

And if you didn't catch it this week, researchers have worked out that flying in a "V" formation actually reduces the effort required for migratory birds.