Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Continuuing education in 2014

Companion animals. There is always more to learn.

We're now well into 2014 (getting there) and I've already had an email from the Centre for Veterinary Education preparing me for the arrival of my notes for the distance education program in medical oncology (if you're thinking about a distance ed program but haven't yet enrolled, its not yet too late). I am looking forward to learning how to better assist patients with cancer.

The NSW AVA division has released the program for its regional conference which this year is all about surgery. I'm very tempted by the program, see here.

Meanwhile the national AVA conference is in Perth from May 25-30. The program also looks excellent (more info here). The theme, "What's best practice", is an important one. In my view best practice is not a state one achieves but something we should all continually work towards. 

On another note, IVAS is running its acupuncture course again. Veterinary acupuncture is a wonderful modality and if I weren't focusing on oncology this year it is an area I'd been keen to explore. [Phil has had several acupuncture sessions and they really help with his little knees (he has bilaterally luxated patellas). When he gets a bit stiff he can't jump up the front step. He can jump up the front step after acupuncture sessions - without any concurrent treatment - and the effect seems to last a while.]
They are a bit tricky to see but the acupuncture needles (placed by trained veterinary acupuncturist Dr Jacqueline Norris) have blue tips on them. Phil, a needle-phobe, is quite relaxed.