Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Xmas from SAT

Phil models his new Christmas-themed red hand-knitted Starnovsky sweater in front of canine cushions (astute observers will note that Phil also recieved a bath mat for xmas - the perfect gift for those with short man syndrome).
Christmas is a time for family, and for us that means the non-human contingent as well as the odd Homo sapien. Its like the perfect day for dogs. So far we've enjoyed a road trip, wrestling in the mud, rolling on mum's new rug and opening gifts we should not have and burying them in the garden. 

Here are a few highlights of our day thus far:

Bosca unwraps one of many presents (in this case, a food bowl designed to slow his eating down a bit).

Bosca scored a few new squeaky balls.
Bosca and Skye play in the garden.
Skye, having jumped in the inflatable pool, wrestled in the rain and rolled in the dirt, sits on the rug.
We especially would like to thank the remarkable canine clothing designer Patricia Starnovsky for making the most amazing Christmas present ever for our dear friend Draga - a cableknit that matches Phil's outfit, detailed with the most beautiful and precious buttons. This is even more special as poor Pat has been flat chat cleaning up her place after the devastating fires in the Blue Mountains earlier this year. 

Fashion prediction: matching sweaters are in in 2014.
Whether you are with your family or locuming somewhere, SAT wishes you a happy festive season.