Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to advance the welfare of cats: you can help!

Read on, complete the survey and save some lives!!!

Getting2Zero is inviting individuals and organisations to read and respond to its National Cat Action Plan, a suggested way forward for the management of domestic cats in Australia.

Cats really need our help. Australia has a significantly larger population of unwanted and abandoned cats than dogs, part of which is due to their ability to breed from a very early age and their knack for producing multiple litters per annum. They tend to become dissociated from their owners more readily than dogs, either getting lost or when owners simply move on, leaving the cat behind.

THERE ARE LOADS OF THINGS WE CAN DO TO HELP! And the best thing about G2Z's discussion paper is that it lists, in point form, steps you and I can take to improve the lot of cats - whether you're a cat owner, vet, vet student, journalist or landlord.

You can download and read the discussion paper here and, once you have done so, get onto the site and complete the survey here. You can also email your own submission to