Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mixed bag: Ponies, antimicrobial resistance, polite dogs and Tasmanian devils

These pics are from SAT reader Bec whose pony and old english sheep dog are camped out at her window waiting for treats. (FYI the back yard is larger and provides a grassed area, but they like to wander around the front and wait at the window for treats).

Since its antibiotic awareness week, it is worth reflecting on the "pressure to prescribe". Some pet owners do attend the vet with the assumption that they will take home antibiotics - but infection is less common than many people think, and can be difficult to prove (ideally we should submit a sample for culture, to identify the infecting agent, and select the appropriate antimicrobial accordingly). Furthermore, antimicrobials do not treat viral disease.

And I'm not solely blaming owners here...some veterinarians percieve and respond to a pressure to prescribe. Inappropriate or non-prudent use of antimicrobials promotes antimicrobial resistance which is a threat to both human and animal health. Check out the Australian Veterinary Association's media release here.

Bec's pony makes his presence known. (And quietly exerts pressure to prescribe a treat).
On a lighter note,  this little dog wipes his feet when he comes inside.

Finally, a few weeks ago I posted some info about Tasmanian Devils based on a fantastic lecture by Professor Kathy Belov.You can view the full lecture on the Human Animal Research Network website, along with the other lectures from the session (around 30-40 minutes each), here.